Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset: Four Tips To Improve Your Wellbeing

The jury is in: good well-being is fundamental to good performance. Let’s face it, none of us do our best work when we are not mentally and physically thriving.

Here are four quick tips to help you improve your well-being.

1. Build Authentic Relationships: Strong relationships are the foundation of our well-being. Deep connections don’t happen accidentally; they require intentional investment over time. Find the time and space to get to know people. Reach out and arrange coffee meetings.

2.      Seek Clarity: Having a purpose in what you do is vital to how we feel. If uncertain about your contribution, seek clarity; your managers and other key stakeholders are almost certainly willing to guide you.

3. Remember: We all have a wide range of experiences. In a stressful situation, reflect on a previous tricky situation and the behaviours that got you through it. Think about how those behaviours can be applied in this situation. This helps to chart a way forward, keeps cortisol levels in check and lightens the cognitive load.

4.      Unplug: Despite the use of technology, find moments to unplug from the noise of contemporary life for mental well-being. An IBM Study showed that having multiple feeds coming in at any one time has the same effect on our IQ as smoking dope. Johan Hari’s “Stolen Focus” offers valuable insights on this topic.